Donations via Bank Wire Transfer

If you are a non-Indian citizen (for example, if you have foreign citizenship or if you are a foreign company or entity), please fill up the form and use the wiring instruction for foreign contribution account for remit funds to us. The form will be received by our office for us to confirm with the bank regarding receipt of the funds you send.

If you are an Indian citizen wishing to contribute to our society via direct bank transfer, please fill up the form, including your PAN, Passport number (you are an NRI), phone number and email address and our office will provide you with the bank information for remittance. Thank you.

Foreign Contribution Account
Account: Sakya Centre
Account No: 40108968642
Bank: Bank: State Bank of India
New Delhi Main Branch,
N. D. Main Branch 11, Parliament Street,
New Delhi, NCT of Delhi 110 001,
Branch Code: 691
Branch phone: 23374002
FCRA Number: 347900040

Domestic Bank Account (for donations by Indian Citizens only)

Please full up the form or contact Sakya centre education department to obtain the full remittance instructions.

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