The young children that enrolled in Sakya centre come from the impoverished regions in the Himalayas. Some are orphans without family; some have parents who could not afford to raise them. Sakya centre bears a big responsibility in providing full board to these young monks as well as ensuring that they receive the best possible education as conceived by His Holiness’ vision.

Your donation will go on a long way towards supporting the education and living expenses of our young monks. Here are some examples of the benefits your sponsorship could bring:

  • US$20 supports a monk’s education for a month, or US$240 supports a monk’s education for a year.
  • US$40 supports a monk’s basic living expenses for a month, $480 for a year.
  • US$50 provides a meal to all our young monks; US$150 provides 3 meals to them for a day.
  • US$500 provides a year of internet connection and technical support for the monastic school computer program.
  • US$1,500 pays for all scriptural and textbook costs for all our young monks for a year.

Please contribute regularly and generously to help us educate these young monks. To send us a donation, please remit the funds into our society’s bank account by using the appropriate link. Thank you.